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Who would be better lover for Xena- Ares or Gabrielle?  (topic)
I know what are you thinking now. She wants to make a war!!! But even if it sounds very strange coming from me- war loving shipper, this time it isn't true.At first I wanted to post this question in fencesitter forum, but it is very...
General Xena Chat


06/08/11 11:57 PM
If Xena had killed Gabrielle in The Bitter Suite...  (topic)
Just watched TBS and it was obvious from The Gabdrag and the first part of illusia that Xena wanted Gabrielle dead.  If she had succeeded and instead of Gabrielle recovering and sending them both over the cliff, she had killed her,...
General Xena Chat


12/04/10 01:42 PM
Ares' motivations in Intimate Stranger  (topic)
Now, it is certainly more than hinted that Ares and Callisto-in-Xena were intimate in Intimate Stranger.Why do you think they, ahem, were intimate?Did Ares think this was his only chance to get intimate with Xena's body and it...
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10/01/10 01:19 PM
XWP Character Popularity Polls - Ares, the God Of War  (topic)
Ares, The God Of War Ares appeared in 30 XWP episodes. After you've voted in the poll, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the character
General Xena Chat


08/29/10 09:10 AM
The Xenaverse Look-A-Like Contest  (topic)
Everyone who has a photo of themselves dressed as a Xena Warrior Princess or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys character can participate. Contestants and viewers may vote there for the best photos. The 3 with the most average votes and...
General Xena Chat


05/22/10 01:49 AM
The Xenaverse Calendar 2010  (topic)
Hey Everybody,you can get your Xenaverse calendar here:
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03/03/10 07:23 PM
Come on over to The Xenaverse's Party every monday evening from 6PM GMT +1 - 12AM GMT +1 tonight! There's a live radio show for ya!! IN THE TWANKY DISCO! If you want to listen to the radio click on the radio icon!...
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02/04/09 10:00 AM
Ares  (topic)
General Xena Chat


02/03/09 07:09 AM
The Xenaverse a 2D Xena chat  (topic)
Hey Everybody you're welcomed to come on over and experience the Xenaverse 2D chat which uses Palace Chat. I know 2D doesn't sound as cool as 3D but 2D is accessible for everybody even dialup folks=). I can give you a tour of...
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12/28/08 09:51 AM
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